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How Loud Is Too Loud for Football?

“GET LOUD,” flash the signs at Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium, where Chiefs football fans set the record this October for the NFL’s loudest location. How loud is loud? Try 137.5 decibels — noisier than a […]… read more

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How Can I Treat Tinnitus?

If you’re one of the 50 million Americans dealing with tinnitus, then you’re probably hoping for any source of relief. Although there’s currently no cure for the condition — which is associated with “phantom” sounds […]… read more

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Can an Epilepsy Drug Treat Tinnitus?

Right now, about 50 million Americans suffer from some degree of tinnitus. From that group, about 12.2 million people hear phantom noises — like ringing, buzzing and clicking — so intensely that they need medical […]… read more

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What Is a Perilymph Fistula?

The inner ear is a delicate part of the body’s hearing center. A thin membrane – known as the oval or round window – separates the inner from middle ear and prevents a fluid called […]… read more