Are Certain Foods Good for Your Sinuses?



Posted in: Sinus News | June 10, 2014

Are Certain Foods Good for Your Sinuses?

If you are what you eat — and if you are prone to sinus infections — then you might want to do a quick check of the grocery list. Not all foods are created equal… Read More

Posted in: Sinus News | June 2, 2014

What’s an Allergy Test Like?

Think you have allergies? Getting a test with an allergy specialist is the clearest way to find out. Here’s what to expect from an allergy test.… Read More

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5 Tips for Talking to Loved Ones about Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects more than 10 percent of Americans…and even though it’s common, it can be tricky to talk about. Learn the top tips on talking to loved ones about hearing loss.… Read More

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5 Tips for Protecting Your Singing Voice

In the U.S., an estimated 7.5 million people have diseases and conditions that impact the voice. For people like singers who use their voices for work, it can be especially important to keep those conditions… Read More