Music to Your Ears: The Music/Language Connection


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Posted in: Hearing News,New Articles,Voice News | December 2, 2013

Music to Your Ears: The Music/Language Connection

Flute, drums, electric guitar — what’s your instrument? No matter what you chose, there’s increasing research that taking musical training can benefit speech abilities throughout life. Music to your ears, right? Discover the Music-Language Connection.… Read More

Posted in: Voice News | September 21, 2012

Do Antihistamines Affect Your Voice?

When you suffer from seasonal allergies, it’s only inevitable that you become very familiar with an antihistamine or two. Depending on which type of medicine you gravitate toward, you might notice a curious effect: a… Read More

Posted in: Sinus News,Voice News | July 9, 2012

Causes (and Treatments) for Your Infant’s Hoarse Voice

Unfortunately, even though infants don’t possess fully developed vocal skills, they’re not immune to the hoarseness and vocal problems that can plague adults. If you notice that your infant has a raspy voice, there are… Read More

Posted in: Voice News | March 16, 2012

How to Keep Your Singing Voice Healthy

Whether you sing for a career or just like to belt out a few notes every now and then, it’s important to care for your voice — and keep it healthy. Much the same way… Read More