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Is There a Heartburn/Cancer Connection?

Could frequent heartburn lead to cancers of the throat and vocal cords? It’s possible that there is a heartburn/cancer connection, according to a new study from Brown University. The good news: common over-the-counter remedies might […]… read more

Posted in: Voice News | December 14, 2012 |

Dairy and Your Voice

Maybe you’re in a choir this season. Maybe you’re getting ready to cheer at a big football game. Or maybe you’re just prepared to talk non-stop about the past year with friends and family at […]… read more

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Causes (and Treatments) for Your Infant’s Hoarse Voice

Unfortunately, even though infants don’t possess fully developed vocal skills, they’re not immune to the hoarseness and vocal problems that can plague adults. If you notice that your infant has a raspy voice, there are […]… read more

Posted in: Voice News | May 18, 2012 |

Don’t Let Your Diet Hurt Your Voice

Notice a raspy sound in your voice? It could be the start of an infection – or it could be related to your diet. In some cases, what you eat and drink can control how […]… read more