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I Lost My Voice. Now What?

Have a little too much fun screaming during the Super Bowl? Then you might be left with a raspy voice…or you might not have one left at all. As you’re nursing your voice back to […]… read more

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What Are the Causes of Vocal Cord Damage?

Your voice is hoarse. Maybe it has a lower pitch. You might be a little breathy. Looks like it may be vocal cord damage. Although overusing the vocal cords — perhaps by yelling, talking more […]… read more

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The Diet-Voice Connection

The voice is a powerful tool, and it’s important to realize that everything consumed – whether it’s a food, drink or medicine – can affect it. Want to know how to tailor your diet to […]… read more

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What Is Spasmodic Dysphonia?

Vocal strain can occur at any time – especially after singing, after talking more than normal or during allergy attacks. However, a chronic condition known as spasmodic dysphonia can lead to long-term vocal issues…. read more