5 New Year’s Resolutions to Help Your Hearing


5 New Year’s Resolutions to Help Your Hearing

Posted in: Hearing News,New Articles | December 30, 2013
5 New Year’s Resolutions to Help Your Hearing


Prepare the confetti. Get ready for a kiss. That’s right, it’s almost New Year’s Eve. Our own Dr. Robert Pincus advises for your festivities on the 31st, “In those areas that shoot fireworks to celebrate the New Year, please be careful of the possible noise exposure from being close by.” Have any New Year’s resolutions in mind? Perhaps you may be things of resolutions to help your hearing. It might not seem as glamorous as the latest diet trend or as buzz-worthy as the newest gym craze, but safeguarding your ears will deliver benefits long past swimsuit season.

Some sample Resolutions to Help Your Hearing, if you’re seeking suggestions…

5. Don’t smoke.noise canceling headphones and ear health

We don’t have to tell you that smoking is unhealthy. But besides the obvious downsides, research has linked tobacco use to an increased risk of hearing loss. Just say no.

4. Try noise-canceling headphones.

They’re not just for relaxing on planes. Using headphones that cancel out background noise, you can listen to earphones at a quieter volume, tune out the drum of nearby construction noise…and protect your hearing all around.

3. Practice safe hygiene.

Don’t use cotton swabs to remove excess earwax. Ear candling also isn’t recommended. Your doc can advise you about safe, at-home removal aids. If you notice symptoms of impacted earwax — such as dizziness, muffled hearing or ear pain — see a medical professional to remove the blockage.

ear check ups for ear health2. Watch the earbuds.

If your MP3 music player is loud enough to drown out background noise, it’s too loud. Remember the 60/60 rule: Listen to your player at no more than 60 percent of its max volume for no more than 60 minutes daily. Some devices have “smart volume” features that can help, too.

1. Get regular checkups.

You’re never too young or too old to have a hearing checkup. If you notice changes in your hearing, make an appointment. Or if things are going great, stop by once a year for a “physical” for your ears.

Sounds like a good resolution, right?