Sorry...Ice Cream is Out for Sinus Sufferers


Sorry…Ice Cream is Out for Sinus Sufferers

Posted in: Sinus News | October 18, 2011
Sorry…Ice Cream is Out for Sinus Sufferers

If you suffer from chronic sinusitis, you may already know that there is a link between acid reflux and sinus infections. It’s true, indigestion can cause stomach acid to infiltrate the sensitive mucosa of your sinuses, leaving you inflamed and stuffed up. For example, ice cream and sinus issues are not a sweet combination. But even if certain foods don’t irritate your stomach, they could still be contributing to your sinusitis. Here are some of the top offenders:

  • Dairy products. Dairy products cause your mucus to thicken. This thickening is generally attributed to a particular protein—casein—in cow’s milk. Although goat milk may be something of an acquired taste, you may want to consider trading cheddar for feta.
  • Soy. Soy also thickens mucus, and is a low-level allergen for many people. If you’re even mildly allergic to soy, avoid any soy product from the time you first start to feel sick until you are completely well. This is a challenge, because so many processed foods are made with soy byproducts. So stick with vegetables and mom’s chicken soup as much as possible.
  • Eggs. Eggs are also allergens for many people, and may be particularly implicated in sinus headaches. You might not be able to ditch eggs all together—they are also in many processed foods—reducing your egg consumption may alleviate your sinus headaches and keep you sinusitis free.

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