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5 Tips for Protecting Your Singing Voice

In the U.S., an estimated 7.5 million people have diseases and conditions that impact the voice. For people like singers who use their voices for work, it can be especially important to keep those conditions […]… read more

Posted in: Voice News | October 1, 2013 |

Vocal Polyps…What Can Be Done?

When a rep for “Mad Men” star Jon Hamm announced that the actor would be having surgery for a vocal cord polyp, many people were probably left wondering…what on earth are vocal polyps? Think of […]… read more

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Hoarse Voice? Here’s What to Do.

Whether it’s from late nights, cheering at a sports game or even the foods we eat, a hoarse voice can be a pesky problem. So how can you get your vocal cords back in top […]… read more

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Voice Trouble? Vocal Cord Paralysis May Be The Culprit

Our voices, as unique as they are, all start from the same basic system. Two vocal cords lie within the voicebox, or larynx. They vibrate against each other on the body’s command. The result? The […]… read more