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Can Stress Cause Slurred Speech?

You’re in a meeting. Suddenly, when talking to your boss, your speech goes from normal to slurred in an instant. Or maybe you’re making plans with a friend, and your words start running together when […]… read more

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Speech Therapy After a Stroke

A stroke is very traumatic to the body and causes a number of changes that affect daily life. After a stroke, you might experience trouble moving (especially on one side), thinking the way you used […]… read more

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Robot Takeover? Revolutionary Advances in Speech Rehab

A child-size robot might mean big advances in speech rehab. An electronic helper named uBot-5 has made noteworthy gains in “treating” a stroke patient during language classes and physical therapy, leading scientists to see new […]… read more

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HPV and Your Voice: When Raspiness Is a Concern

  Hoarseness. Raspiness. Changes in the sound of the voice. These symptoms are common within the world of vocal ailments, but they can be signs of a larger concern: recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (RRP), a type […]… read more