Can Stress Cause Slurred Speech?


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Posted in: New Articles,Voice News | November 18, 2013

Can Stress Cause Slurred Speech?

You’re in a meeting. Suddenly, when talking to your boss, your speech goes from normal to slurred in an instant. Or maybe you’re making plans with a friend, and your words start running together when… Read More

Posted in: New Articles,Voice News | April 29, 2013

Robot Takeover? Revolutionary Advances in Speech Rehab

A child-size robot might mean big advances in speech rehab. An electronic helper named uBot-5 has made noteworthy gains in “treating” a stroke patient during language classes and physical therapy, leading scientists to see new… Read More

Posted in: Hearing News,Voice News | January 27, 2012

Speech Sound Disorders in Children: The Signs and Symptoms

Many children have difficulty pronouncing sounds as they build their vocabulary. Certain types of mistakes are fairly common in some age groups and pass with time. However, if issues linger past a certain age, a… Read More