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Are Certain Foods Good for Your Sinuses?

If you are what you eat — and if you are prone to sinus infections — then you might want to do a quick check of the grocery list. Not all foods are created equal […]… read more

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Can Stress Cause Allergy Flare-Ups?

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The time when green trees and blooming flowers signal the start of spring…and for some, the onset of seasonal allergies. This begs the question: Can stress cause allergy […]… read more

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5 Things to Expect after Sinus Surgery

Choosing to have sinus surgery is a big step. But for some patients who don’t see results from other treatments, it could offer a much-needed sense of relief. All surgeries are unique, based on the […]… read more

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What to Expect from Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

When it comes to fighting chronic sinus infections, there are many treatment options to explore, including Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. Although surgery is usually the last resort, in some severe cases, it might become the best […]… read more