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The Sight/Sound Link…and What It Means for Hearing

You might have heard people say that when one sense is lost, the others go into overdrive. A new study proves some truth to that. And it relates to the special link between sight and […]… read more

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The Right Hearing Aid for You

If you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, then you know just how important it is to choose the right everyday devices to keep you healthier. Fit, comfort, practicality…there’s plenty to consider, and the best hearing […]… read more

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3D Printing Makes a Bionic Ear

More and more, scientists are learning how innovative 3D printers can help the human body. One of the latest feats? Researchers at Princeton University printed a bionic ear, complete with a functioning electronic system and […]… read more

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Seeing Stripes, Hearing Better: The Zebra Fish Could Change How We Treat Our Ears

Thanks to a researcher in Washington, one tiny creature called the zebra fish could change how we understand and treat hearing loss. Allison Coffin, assistant professor of neuroscience at Washington State University Vancouver, is studying […]… read more