Buying Hearing Aids Online - What You Should Know


Buying Hearing Aids Online – What You Should Know

Posted in: Hearing News,New Articles | March 21, 2013
Buying Hearing Aids Online – What You Should Know

Is buying hearing aids online safe?

We’re all busy. Now more than ever. And though we always like to see you (we really do!), we know that taking time to visit the doctor probably isn’t your first choice for spending your free time.

As with many medical devices, buying hearing aids online is now available. That can be convenient — and, yes, sometimes cheaper — than visiting your doc for a hearing device. But we’d advise you to proceed with caution online, and here’s why.

Finding the right match is a big choice.

Depending on your lifestyle (how active you are, whether you work…), you might need a different type of hearing aid than someone else with almost exactly the same level of hearing loss. Hearing aids do more than simply turn up the volume on sounds, and your doctor can help find a style that suits you.

Your hearing aid should be customized to you.

Besides getting the right physical fit, it’s important to set up your hearing aid’s functions in a way that meets your needs. For hearing aids bought online, your regular doc might not have access to the software and technology to do that. You might need to ship your device back to the online company, in that case, and wait for the fix.

It’s important to know the cause of your hearing loss.

Your doctor will give you a complete exam, in person, when it’s time to consider a hearing aid. Hearing loss can have all types of causes, ranging from earwax buildup to head injuries to certain types of cancer. The FDA recommends that you check with a doc before using a hearing aid, not only so you can get the best treatment, but also to make sure you’re not masking another issue.

Your doctor should be there to help you.

Besides a basic screening, a doctor can help adjust the settings on your hearing aid, teach you how to use it best, give you advice for fixing problems and check in on you over time. When it comes to something as personal as a hearing aid, that type of service matters in a big way.

If you think it’s time to try a hearing aid but you have some worries, just give us a call. We’re happy to discuss your concerns about cost, the time needed for appointments or even the ways you think using a hearing aid might make your life different. Wherever you go, choosing a hearing aid is a major decision…but having help when you need it can make all the difference.