Does Stress Cause Hearing Problems?


Does Stress Cause Hearing Problems?

Posted in: Hearing News | September 14, 2012
Does Stress Cause Hearing Problems?

You’re worried about work. Your family. The daily grind. As much as you’d like to
avoid it, it’s easy to get stressed from time to time. That said – Does stress cause hearing problems?

It turns out that patients who carry certain types of stress are more likely to
experience hearing loss and tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. Although researchers
can’t cite stress as a direct cause of hearing trouble, studies show there’s a
connection. Since scientists already know that stress can be associated with other
health problems, such as heart conditions, this shouldn’t come as much surprise.

To test the stress/hearing connection, a Swedish research team asked a group
of people to report how they felt about various stressors: work, physical and
mental health, lifestyle and so on. The participants who said they had more stress
(especially when related to poor health or a lack of sleep) were more likely to report
signs of hearing loss or tinnitus.

Workplace stress also showed a link to hearing issues. And in general, people who
believed they were in poor health tended to say their hearing problems were worse
than the average participant. The same held true for both men and women.

If you’re concerned that too much stress might be affecting your health, it’s
important to consult with a medical professional. When it’s your hearing that’s in
question – whether the trouble is stress-related or not – feel free to come by for a
consultation anytime.