How to Maintain Your Hearing Aid


How to Maintain Your Hearing Aid

Posted in: Sinus News | August 24, 2012
How to Maintain Your Hearing Aid

When you invest in a pair of high-quality hearing aids, there’s no point in neglecting them — or lowering their effectiveness in the process. Always follow your doctor’s specific advice to maintain hearing aids, but these tips can generally help you keep your equipment in top shape.

Watch out for wax
Although earwax is perfectly healthy, it’s one of the biggest culprit for malfunctioning hearing aids. If wax works its way into your device, you might experience muffled volume and other problems. For in-ear hearing aids, be sure to wipe the casing with a gentle cleaning cloth to get rid of wax, oils and debris. According to manufacturer instructions, you can also clean tubing and receiver openings.

Steer clear of extreme temperatures
When you’re in the midst of a heat wave or a blizzard, it’s not the best time to take your carefully tailored hearing aids out for long periods. Sure, today’s technology is made to be tough, but very high or low temperatures won’t do any favors.

Try a hearing-aid dehumidifier
While you catch shut-eye at night, a hearing-aid dehumidifier can dry the inner workings of your device, which is a great tool to maintain hearing aids. (Sweat can be trouble!) Be sure to take the batteries out of your hearing aid before you try this gadget.

Tidy up your microphone screens
When debris or earwax builds up near the microphones in completely-in-the-canal hearing aids, sound can be impaired. To solve the trouble, wipe down your microphone area and casing, and check for any addition signs of clogging. If you see clogs, check with a professional, who can address the problem with proper tools.

No matter what style of hearing aid you choose, keeping it clean (and properly maintained) can help you more clearly enjoy the sounds you love. Contact our office anytime for advice on selecting the right hearing aid or for help maintaining your changing hearing needs.