Can Probiotics Treat Sinusitis?


Can Probiotics Treat Sinusitis?

Posted in: Sinus News | July 6, 2012
Can Probiotics Treat Sinusitis?

When you’re dealing with the headache, stuffy nose, fever or nasal discharge of sinusitis, you’re probably eager to find any sign of relief. Decongestants and antibiotics can lead to relief, but researchers are investigating a new kind of treatment – probiotics to treat sinusitis.

Sinusitis (or a sinus infection) results when the sinuses are blocked, which leads to a buildup of mucus and harmful bacterial growth. Antibiotics are often prescribed to fight the bacteria. Now, researchers are investigating whether probiotics, specific types of live microorganisms that are similar to those in the gut, can help fight the symptoms of sinusitis.

A type of probiotic called lactobacillus acidophilus could be especially helpful for people dealing with sinus infections, according to research from the University of Maryland Medical Center. Probiotics like this one can help replace good bacteria wiped out by the antibiotics often prescribed for sinus infections, helping the body speed its return to health.

Common sources of probiotics include:

  • Enhanced yogurt
  • Enhanced juices
  • Non-baked cheeses
  • Miso
  • Tablets and powders

Different strains of probiotics can have very different results on the body. Before turning to probiotics or any method of sinusitis treatment, consult with a doctor to determine the best course of action for your specific health needs. If you have questions, we’re here for you anytime.