Ear Candling and Your Health: What You Should Know

Posted in: Hearing News  |  April 20, 2012 
Ear Candling and Your Health: What You Should Know

If you’re interested in alternative medicine, then you’ve undoubtedly heard of ear candling: a technique in which a hollow, cone-shaped candle is lit and placed inside the ear canal. It’s touted as a treatment for removing excess earwax, relieving sinusitis and offering a general sense of relaxation. Despite those claims, ear candling hasn’t been shown to help – and in fact, it can be dangerous.

The concept behind ear candling? That heat or smoke from the candle will form a vacuum in the ear canal, and earwax will release due to the pressure change. Unfortunately, it has been associated with these and other health risks:

  • Further impacted earwax
  • Candle wax deposits in the ear
  • Significant burns to the inner ear, outer ear, face and hair
  • Ear injuries, including perforated eardrums

If you’re suffering from excessive earwax or if you’ve noticed recent changes in your hearing, then consult with a medical professional to check your options. We’re here for you anytime you’d like to arrange a consultation or ask a question about your health.