Coughing Canine?


Coughing Canine?

Posted in: Sinus News | October 31, 2011
Coughing Canine?

New York may be dog paradise. The abundance of parks, the prevalence of dog playgrounds, and the collection of truly rancid smells are enough to keep an army of dogs deliriously happy for the next hundred years or so. But you know, it’s not all fun and games. All that sniffing can have a real downside—it can result in the inhalation of the bacteria that cause sinusitis. Here’s what to do if your dog is coughing.

It’s true, your dogs and cats can get sinusitis, too. While we can’t diagnose your pets, we can tell you that sinus infections in animals are caused by the same types of underlying conditions that cause sinus infections in human. Allergies, inflammation of the mucus membranes, and thickening of the mucus make it difficult for the sinuses to clear. Add bacteria to the mucus, and voila—you get a sad pooch or an angry cat with a sinus headache that just won’t quit.

If your pet is suffering from sinusitis, get him or her to the vet right away. If you’re suffering from sinusitis, you might try:

  • Drinking plenty of water. This will thin your mucus, allowing it to leave your sinuses more easily.
  • Drinking hot tea. The hydration will help, and so will the steam.
  • Buying a humidifier. You probably don’t need one when it’s this humid out, but you’ll be grateful for it when winter comes.
  • Eating healthful foods
  • Avoiding the food that causes acid reflux
  • Using a saline rinse or neti pot

You might also want to come and see us! We specialize in helping (human) New Yorkers get rid of sinusitis—once and for all.